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Know China  Get Ahead

Business Mandarin Certificate Program


Sunday 2-4pm

Mandarin-bg2_画板 1.jpg
Lecturer -
Ms Cha Pei Pei
Mandarin Expert

Pick up foundation Chinese in just 10 lessons !!

  • Small group teaching
  • Tailor-made coaching
Participants will be able to:
Learning outcomes
  • do company introduction and self-introduction
  • greet people and ask for price & directions
  • understand Chinese business etiquette
  • familiarize with hot topics of nowaday’s China
Program highlights:
​     Culture appreciation
  • Tea culture
  • Wine culture
  • Chinese dining etiquette
  • Chinese calligraphy and aesthetic
  • Chinese idioms and historical roots

Business Mandarin Certificate Program at

$2480 / 10 lessons

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