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Know China  Get Ahead

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Course content

Basic conversation and rules
•    Basic hanyu pinyin & pronunciation
•    Greetings
•    Forms of address (formal & informal) 
•    Rules of using titles
Daily communicating skills 
•    Apologizing
•    Saying goodbye
•    Asking for a favour 
•    Asking for directions
•    Asking for price
•    Asking proper questions 
•    Asking embarrassing questions
Useful commercial conversations
in different scenarios 
•    Self-introduction
•    Company introduction
•    Thematic words about family, jobs,
     numbers, time, food & drinks,  places,
•    Scenario learning: at the meeting, at the
     restaurant, at the bank, at the airport, at
     the hotel, taking a taxi, etc.
•    Giving a presentation
Business etiquette 
•    Etiquette in people introduction
•    Giving presents
•    Refusing an invitation 
•    Commonly used phrases for
•    Responding to compliments
•    Networking dos and don’ts
Chinese culture & history 
•    Tea culture
•    Chinese characters
•    Calligraphy
•    Chinese idioms
Chinese dining etiquette
•    Dining
•    Food ordering
•    Special dietary needs
•    Chinese etiquette for entertaining guests
•    Wine culture
Modern China
•    Similarities and differences between Singapore and China
•    Hot topics for conversations
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