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Enlighten China Certificate Program

Course Content & Instructors


Dr Liang, History & Politics

  • A Brief History of China

    • Dynasty Cycle

    • Confucianism

  • Politics in Modern China

    • History of PRC

    • Structure of the Party State

    • Local Government


Dr Liu, Culture & Geography

  • Basic Facts of the Land and Population of China

  • Economic Distribution by Geography

  • Natural Geography and Cultural Geography in Different Regions

  • Traffic and Transportation


Dr Jia, Chinese Etiquette

  • Chinese Culture and Etiquette

  • Chinese Cuisine and Table Manners

  • Business Etiquette

  • Etiquette in People Introduction

  • Manners of Entertaining Guest


Dr Li, Financial Development

  • Financial Management Authorities

  • Financial Institutions

  • Banking System

  • Stock Market

  • Foreign Exchange Reserves

  • Fintech

  • Digital RMB


Dr Ding, Livelihood & Business Environment

  • The Pursuit of Common Prosperity

  • Poverty Alleviation

  • China's Fight Against COVID19

  • Education System and Housing Policy

  • Policy for Overseas Talent

  • Improvement of Business Environment


Dr Wu, New Era & New Paradigm

  • Network Infrastructure and Applications

  • "Made in China"

  • The Great Projects in China

    • High Speed Railway​

    • Information Technology

    • Space Exploration

    • Ocean Technology

Upcoming Schedules for 2022

March Intake

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June Intake

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