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Know China  Get Ahead

Who We Are?

Chinalink's founder



  • Managing Director of three companies

  • President of Hong Kong Singapore Business Association

  • President of Kowloon Club

“I founded China Link Education hoping to nurture better understanding and more appreciation toward China from within the ASEAN communities. I believe that you too will see life differently and be able to ride on the myriad of China opportunities that are just around the corner.”

About Our Founder

Mr Philip Chan is the Managing Director of Wen Way Investments Pte Ltd, C&H Properties Pte Ltd, and Mutual Benefits Realty Pte Ltd. Currently, he is serving as the President of Hong Kong Singapore Business Association, and has been the President of Kowloon Club for the past 10 years. Under Mr Chan’s leadership, Kowloon Club has transformed from a conventional clansman organization serving migrants from Hong Kong and the China Mainland, into a highly active philanthropic organization helping the needy in Singapore.      


Born and raised in Hong Kong, Mr Chan spent most of his working life in Singapore. As a father of two children, Mr Chan has first-hand experience on how China-related learning opportunities transform the lives of the younger generations.


“I sent my two sons to China for a one-year study and internship after their graduations. Even though they ventured into different career paths, both of them became sought-after employees as soon as they returned from China. As two young men in their twenties, they are now thriving in different sectors in Singapore. One-year of eye-opening experience has turned them into a person with the vision and work attitude essential for career building. And of course, they have made good friends there too.”     



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