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Lecturer Biography

Prof. Yanfeng Liu, Geography and local customs

Liu Yanfeng, a newly retired professor from Shenzhen University. He worked for Shenzhen University as member of the university’s academic committee (2003-2014) and served as Deputy Dean of the College of International Communication (2006-2014). Now he is working part time as deputy chairman of the Society of Photographers Nanshan District, Shenzhen. He graduated with an M.A. degree from Jilin University in Modern Linguistics in 1987, and was a visiting scholar at the former Guangzhou Institute of Foreign Languages in the late 1980s. He served as Deputy Dean of the Foreign Language Department of Harbin Normal University in the early 1990s. He published three books (two of which are co-authored) and tens of papers. He taught mainly two courses: A Survey of China and Translation to the international students. The course A Survey of China, with hundreds of pictures and videos that were taken by himself, is rich and unique in contents and quite popular with the students.

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