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Ride with the Dragon

Capturing China Opportunities

As you are aware, China is currently the world's second largest economy and forecasted to be the world's largest by 2028. Figures from a United Nations' report showed that, in 2020, the economy of China brought in US$164 billion Foreign Direct Investment, surpassing that of the US, which stood at US$134 billion. According to Ernst & Young, China's overall Outward Direct Investment amounted to US$133 billion, and the announced value of China overseas Mergers and Acquisitions totaled US$446.4 billion.  Moreover, International Monetary Fund figures showed that China's current share of the global GDP is around 20%. All in all, China's position as a  leading force in the world is clearly indisputable. 

Many people would like to capture the vast potential of a rising China but lack the knowhow. Our team at China Link Education Consultancy is here to assist you. We endeavor to be your China education partner, bringing you the best study programs online and on site.   

To the younger generations of Singapore and different ASEAN countries, it is important to develop an international outlook of life which incorporates a good understanding of China, and an appreciation of the nation’s rapid development, as well as its culture and people.   

To industry leaders and business executives, going beyond the media stereotypes about China, and gaining real insights into what makes the country tick can be essential to strategic decision making, and even day-to-day operations.

Register for our study program and kick start your educational exploration on China now!


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Practical Insights into China

Both the online and physical programmes (i.e. to be conducted in China) available at China Link Education’s platform are designed and taught directly by our partner institutions in China. Learners signing up for our programmes can therefore rest assured that the contents are from authoritative sources, and the programme delivery by distinguished university faculty members.  

Whether you are a young person looking for the wow factor to make your resume shine, or a corporate manager in search of a unique competitive edge, or an industry leader wanting to break into the China market, we at the China Link Education hope to offer learning opportunities suited to your needs. 

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